Mother and Child Port au Prince, Haiti 

Mother and Child
Port au Prince, Haiti 

Slice of Life: Ruins

Remembering Haiti’s Devastating Earthquake

A young woman stands with her child in the wreckage of the National Cathedral in Port au Prince, Haiti. The catastrophic earthquake that happened one year ago this past January brought down the entire roof, filling the nave with rubble and shattering its stained-glass windows.

It was a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake, one that impacted some three million people, and left 316,000 dead and at least one million homeless. Those homeless numbers largely remain today and more than a year later, no major recovery project is yet underway. Irina Bokova, head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has said: “As time passes, what began as a natural disaster is becoming a disgraceful reflection on the international community.”

Alan De Herrera