Director and cameraman Alan De Herrera / Channel Islands

Director and cameraman Alan De Herrera / Channel Islands

Welcome to the offical page for the movie Seal Island- Directed by Alan De Herrera. As told by Edward James Olmos


Feature-length nature documentary about seals filmed on US Naval Base San Nicolas and San Clemente Island through the generous support of US Navy public affairs office Navinfo West. Additional filming on Guadalupe Island, the San Benito and Channel Islands.

Plot Outline

Seal Island 
A timeless story of survival. A tale of life over death.

Each summer, thousands of seals and sea lions journey to the remote and rugged Channel Islands to breed and give birth to their pups. At home in two worlds, these aquatic mammals spend half their lives at sea and the other half on shore. 

Like their parents before them, the playful newborn pups face an uncertain future in a fun-filled yet hostile world of ocean storms, starvation and predators. But these resilient pups don’t have to face their struggles alone. From the moment of birth, mother and pup forge a powerful bond while she struggles to care for and protect her pup over a period of nearly nine months.

With the odds stacked against them, they must endure overwhelming challenges to help ensure the survival of the species. 

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